How to help

The Friends of Patrick O'Brien Association exists for the sole purpose of gifting support to Patrick and his son. One hundred percent of all contributions go toward meeting the immediate and long term needs of father and son.

Other ways to help people living with ALS and their families

Be a pal and donate to our allies in ALS care, treatement, and research.

ALS Therapy Development Institute



Latest project

Patrick's -winning award feature length documentary, TransFatty Lives, is available through multiple online distributors. It is the story of an artist becoming a man and in that journey, a father. The backdrop for this fundamental human experience is a riveting roller coaster ride through physical paralysis and spiritual emancipation.


OTHER OPTIONS to make a donation

  • Mail a check to the PO Box below. Payable to: Friends of Patrick O'Brien

  • Transfer from your bank account to ours by using our email address below. Most banks allow online transfers to other bank accounts for no fee! It is so easy and all you need is enter our email address as the "recipient."